Ali is an emerging pop/hip-hop artist who is rapidly making a name for himself in the ultra-competitive international music scene. Originally from Tunisia, North Africa, Ali was inspired to begin writing and recording music by 2Pac, Akon and Eminem but has evolved into a unique artist in his own right. His goal is to move the hearts and minds of his listeners and all those around him.

His debut single, “How Do You Want It,” is getting traction in Los Angeles, Brazil, Aruba, Lebanon, and Ali’s native Tunisia and keeps growing daily. The sound connects pop music, rap, and classical influences into something brand new, a sound that hasn’t been heard before. The track looks to be a commercial powerhouse and has already received much love from Ali’s fans. Ali also projects a positive vibe and personal style that comes through loud and clear on “How Do You Want It,” which sets him apart from many other young performers. Currently based in L.A., Ali has a background in tennis and entrepreneurship but music is where he makes his greatest impact. Fans of funky and irresistible modern sounds are advised to find Ali today.

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